Linnemann Consult

We provide industrial design consultancy combined with Fluid and Structural Simulations

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Fluid Mechanics

We provide CFD simulation. Including CAD design, meshing and optimization. We have worked intently with fluid mechanics driven design. This coupling will allow our customers to obtain maximum benefit and outcome of our services.


Structural Mechanics

By utilizing elements and principles of Design for Manufacture, we are able to help with industrial mechanical designs. By utilizing FEM simulations we are able to cut down significantly on prototypes and bugs.


Industrial design

We balance simulations and pratical experience in a way that help our customers obtain the best advantages. On top of this we keep our company lean and with skilled people to maximise value for our customers.


Software development

We have years of experience in building custom software. Examples include automated optimization workflows. Graphical software for design purposes or to automate tedious tasks.

We have a broad simulation toolbox and experience developing custom made software and workflows.
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Contact Us

If you would like to request our services do not hesitate to send an informal email or give us a call.

Catering to innovation using simulation driven design and practical experience.
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